Sauna area

Bathe in the sense of well-being. In this area you can dive into an oasis of relaxation. Finnish-style sauna, bio saunarium, aroma, steam room, colourful light - after your sauna experience you can let yourself fall into soft cushions and let your soul unwind.

Wellness & Sauna im Hotel Bundschu, Bad Mergentheim

Finnish-style Sauna

The Classic

  • broad sauna in modern design
  • up to 10 persons
  • 90°C dry
  • sauna infusion with fresh water and fragrances is always prepared.
Bio Sauna im Ringhotel Bundschu, Bad Mergentheim

Bio sanarium

The Softy

  • Broad sauna with bright design and colourful light effects
  • up to 10 persons
  • 65°C and average air moisture
  • mild fragrances support relaxation
Spezialtermine für Ihre Wellness, Hotel Bundschu im Taubertal

Steam room

Breathe deeply

  • saliferous steam for airways and skin
  • nice steam room with black granite, red mosaic display and starry sky
  • up to 8 persons
  • 65°C and fine fragrant, hot steam
Eisbrunnen im Wellnessbereich des Hotel Bundschu, Taubertal

Ice fountain

Cool down

  • crashed ice cools down after a sauna session and stimulates your circuit by the temperature contrast.
  • the cold impulse lowers and stabilizes the blood pressure 
Fußbäder für Ihre Wellness, Hotel Bundschu im Taubertal

Kneipp foot bath

Warm & Cold

  • you should use the recovery between the sauna session for a footbath
  • boosts your body´s defences
  • the contrast bath prevents high blood pressure and head ache

Experience shower

More than just a shower

  • feel like under a roaring waterfall or in a summerly warm dizzling rain
  • two experience showers will also invite you to a rain dance



...  just put your feet up after a sauna session

After the sauna session and the refreshing showers, you can get some fresh air on the roof terrace. Afterwards, our comfortable loungers and sofas in the lounge area invite you to relax while reading some books or magazines. Forget the time and relax in comfortable loungers.

Reading corner

In our reading corner you will find an extensive selection of magazines, books and reading material: travel guides, oldtimer books, wellness literature, cookbooks ...

Sauna bar

A little refreshment with different teas and filtered water is available at our sauna bar

Long sauna nights

Twice a month our sauna area opens the doors until midnight. Monthly changing themes accompany you during your sauna sessions, in the steam bath and while relaxing. Whether honey, salt or herbs - being there is all that matters!

Treat yourself to an all-round relaxing evening. Our wellness team offers exclusive and themed treatments. Arrange a massage for your feel-good treatment and enjoy the steam bath and sauna session with matching fragrance oils.